• We’re listening to...: June • July 

EP: ‘It's Not What You Said
It's Because You Spoke’

Artist: DJ Pitch

Label: Edited Arts

TT and All Centre bossman DJ Pitch brings an incredible tapestry of emotive club music for his first album on experimental artist platform Edited Arts. The musical influences contained within the album stretch from trap, pop, breakbeat, dancehall, gabber to name a few. These stylistic nods combined with contemporary club sounds found sounds and a selection of pitched, warped and whispered vocals, make for my favourite listen of the month.

It’s difficult to pick a single track out with such a strong, cohesive sound across the album. ‘Know myself’ is particularly good. Mists of static noise carry melancholic rave-like stabs, slowly developing into percussive break-laced structures. Organ Tapes’ signature tuned vocals, layered on eye-watering guitar shreds and a killer drum beat make for another standout track on ‘Special Word’. The closing track ‘Follower Loop’ (feat emanaeul and Rafael Lubner) is also a necessary mention with its cascading bass rhythms and pitch-bent brass notes resonating beneath raw vocal chops.

By: Jamie Shearer - @jshearer92

EP: ‘Dedicated 2 Disrespect’


Label: XL Recordings

LSDXOXO is a name that needs no introduction. I have been a fan of his music ever since I came across is soundcloud page a few years ago. It was listening to his remix of Kelela’s Truth or Dare that led be into the rabbit hole, eager to hear more.

With his latest release on XL Records, LSDXOXO reaffirms exactly who he is and reminds us to not put him in a box. He shows us the many different sides of his personality. For me it was the infectious ‘Mutant Exotic’ that had me fantasizing about being on a beach and drinking a margarita. I have heard the track played by many DJs when out and about and it’s no wonder why. ‘The Devil’ another standout track is edgy and dark, with a groove to keep you dancing. I will surely continue to follow LSDXOXO and anticipate what he does next.


By: Joseph Agboola- @internationaljoe_os

EP: ‘Watch Out’

Artist: India Jordan

Label:  Ninja Tune

I remember the first time I heard an India Jordan track, and it immediately gave me joy. Her debut For You recieved many praises for its range and ode to the LGBTQ community. With their latest release on Ninja Tunes. India continues to showcase her musical range fusing breakbeats, old school house vocals and layed synths.

Each track gives me a different feeling making it difficult to select just one. When listening to the EP, I’m reminded of raving and those special moments that take place on the dancefloor. My standout track would have to be ‘And Groove’. The track starts off with a vocal that immediately gets your attention. Letting you know you’re in for a treat. 

By: Joseph Agboola- @internationaljoe_os

• We’re listening to...: February • March 

Track: ‘Duel/Skinned’

Artist: Product Toss

Label: Unknown

Not much is relatively known about the artist responsible for this release besides that they reside in Newcastle Upon Thyme. This duo of tracks range between a really dubbed out 2 step feel to a more leftfield UK Techno tinged with wiggy b-lines.


By: Luis Sabogal - @Baron____OS

‘Cache 02 Compilation - SVBKVLT’

Artist: Various Artists


Shanghai outfit and cutting edge experimental club label SVBKVLT deliver the second iteration of the gnarly Cache compilation. The crew, whose co-founder Williams helped form legendary Shanghai clubs Shelter and All, is a key player in Shanghai’s underground scene intersecting music, fashion and technology.


By: Jamie Shearer - @Jshearer92

 We’re listening to...: January • February 

LP: ‘Swallow A Party’

Artist: Greetje Bijma & Oceanic

Label: yeyeh • ninih

‘Swallow A Party’ is a mesmerising high-speed collision of free jazz vocalisations and inspired electronic abstractions brought together by Amsterdam label Yeyeh and it’s founder Pieter Jansen.

The unlikely pairing of Bijma & Oceanic came to be following a chance meeting that ended in Jansen asking Bijma, who was already renowned for her previous jazz works if she wanted to work on a project with young electronic producers.

Wonderful backstory aside, the resulting collaboration forms a kaleidoscopic beauty of a record. The poignant title track ‘Swallow A Party’ opens the album on a blissful note before ‘Step Snakes’ steps into gear with frantic scat-laced beats propelling the track to peak-time dance floor mode. ‘Never Done’ maintains the energy with Bijma letting loose sirens of wild free-jazz enunciations that slowly devolve into trance-inducing throat-singing territory. The ritual continues on ‘Technicolour Memories’ which evokes a nostalgic 00s tech house ambience with tones and textures morphing into something far stranger. ‘Mist In Tide’ carries the rhythm forward again with pangs of erratic vocal chants whilst ‘A Window Drifting’ closes out the EP with an eerily haunting vocal rendition.

Won’t be forgetting this one for a while!



EP: ‘Flash On’

Artist: Jennifer Walton

Label:  All Centre

London imprint All Centre carries on their excellent form with a standout EP from Mutualism & Illegal Data producer Jennifer Walton. Four multi-faceted dance-floor focused cuts whose moods stretch from doors open until post-sunrise.
With the help of All Centre Alumni BFFT, Walton packs tidal waves of sub-80hz oscillations to carry the N2O-infused title track alongside percussive snips, camera flashes and squeamish synth leads. ‘Crisis of Confidence’ dials up the bizarre with slowly morphing vocal chops doused in acid-charged stabs and swells, as the track slowly picks itself apart. ‘Neo-Renaissance Girl’ kicks it down a notch or two with dense sine-wave modulations gilded in dewy-eyed piano dits. Bubbles of IDM-glitches eventually break-out of the bass-smog clearing, making way for more harpsichord followed by filtered tones and percussion that close out the track. Final track ‘Blush’ ends the record on a similar nostalgia-trip-tip. Pulsating almost-rave bass notes are embellished with chiptune melodies and I'll be honest it’s got me all sentimental listening to it again as I write this.


By: Jamie Shearer - @Jshearer92

Track: ‘H Unsolved’

Artist: A Psychic Yes
Label: Schloss Records

H Unsolved is the second track on ‘That Swamp Feeling’ the fourth release on Karima F’s label Schloss Records. A Psychic Yes delivers a plethora of aquatic percussions accompanied by blissful pads that make for a wide-eyed dreamstate soundscape. Definitely one to keep an eye on.


Track: ‘DJ Haus - Bleep Bots’

Artist: Desert Sound Colony Remix

Label: Unknown to the Unknown

Desert Sound Colony gives DJ Haus’s Bleep Bots the Remix treatment. With the track already coming bleepy, hence the name, DSC adds a more glitchy rolling drive to the rhythm making it a definite goer on the dancefloor.


By: Luis Sabogal - @Baron____OS