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The OS Community are a London-based collective that showcases underground electronic music and artists, curates music-focused content and prides itself on creating a sustainable honeybee-like network and community of friends and family within the scene. The overriding ethos of our collective is a drive to construct both virtual and physical spaces, and platforms for all communities, especially outside of what is expected as the typical audience within the electronic music scene. Examples of this might involve hosting parties with crowds that are actually diverse or involvement in programmes such as DJ workshops for young adults within the community.


Joseph Agboola

Luis Sabogal

Jamie Shearer

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DJ Workshops

Between hosting ‘Community’ parties and the more equable ‘Creature Comforts’, OS have had the pleasure of hosting workshops at Goldsmiths university with creative music lab Alchemy. The project has allowed us to be involved in a key community social programme to develop music skills, aspirations and provide an outlet and platform for young music-keen teenagers. An opportunity to not only teach basic DJing skills, we also assisted in teaching them how to navigate through the music scene, make connections and steps to establish yourself as a DJ and/or promotor.


OS Raves

OS was first established hosting a series of DIY raves under the ‘Community’ banner that took place in a medley of weird and wonderful locations such as a skate park, railway bridge and a rooftop or two. ‘Creature Comforts’ was subsequently created as a sister project with a slightly more settled musical ethos to the Community raves and an outlet to invite our favourite selectors to play within a legit club setting.