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LP: ‘Swallow A Party’

Artist: Greetje Bijma & Oceanic

Label: yeyeh • ninih

‘Swallow A Party’ is a mesmerising high-speed collision of free jazz vocalisations and inspired electronic abstractions brought together by Amsterdam label Yeyeh and it’s founder Pieter Jansen.

The unlikely pairing of Bijma & Oceanic came to be following a chance meeting that ended in Jansen asking Bijma, who was already renowned for her previous jazz works if she wanted to work on a project with young electronic producers.

Wonderful backstory aside, the resulting collaboration forms a kaleidoscopic beauty of a record. The poignant title track ‘Swallow A Party’ opens the album on a blissful note before ‘Step Snakes’ steps into gear with frantic scat-laced beats propelling the track to peak-time dance floor mode. ‘Never Done’ maintains the energy with Bijma letting loose sirens of wild free-jazz enunciations that slowly devolve into trance-inducing throat-singing territory. The ritual continues on ‘Technicolour Memories’ which evokes a nostalgic 00s tech house ambience with tones and textures morphing into something far stranger. ‘Mist In Tide’ carries the rhythm forward again with pangs of erratic vocal chants whilst ‘A Window Drifting’ closes out the EP with an eerily haunting vocal rendition.

Won’t be forgetting this one for a while!



EP: ‘Flash On’

Artist: Jennifer Walton

Label:  All Centre

London imprint All Centre carries on their excellent form with a standout EP from Mutualism & Illegal Data producer Jennifer Walton. Four multi-faceted dance-floor focused cuts whose moods stretch from doors open until post-sunrise.
With the help of All Centre Alumni BFFT, Walton packs tidal waves of sub-80hz oscillations to carry the N2O-infused title track alongside percussive snips, camera flashes and squeamish synth leads. ‘Crisis of Confidence’ dials up the bizarre with slowly morphing vocal chops doused in acid-charged stabs and swells, as the track slowly picks itself apart. ‘Neo-Renaissance Girl’ kicks it down a notch or two with dense sine-wave modulations gilded in dewy-eyed piano dits. Bubbles of IDM-glitches eventually break-out of the bass-smog clearing, making way for more harpsichord followed by filtered tones and percussion that close out the track. Final track ‘Blush’ ends the record on a similar nostalgia-trip-tip. Pulsating almost-rave bass notes are embellished with chiptune melodies and I'll be honest it’s got me all sentimental listening to it again as I write this.


By: Jamie Shearer - @Jshearer92

Track: ‘H Unsolved’

Artist: A Psychic Yes
Label: Schloss Records

H Unsolved is the second track on ‘That Swamp Feeling’ the fourth release on Karima F’s label Schloss Records. A Psychic Yes delivers a plethora of aquatic percussions accompanied by blissful pads that make for a wide-eyed dreamstate soundscape. Definitely one to keep an eye on.


Track: ‘DJ Haus - Bleep Bots’

Artist: Desert Sound Colony Remix

Label: Unknown to the Unknown

Desert Sound Colony gives DJ Haus’s Bleep Bots the Remix treatment. With the track already coming bleepy, hence the name, DSC adds a more glitchy rolling drive to the rhythm making it a definite goer on the dancefloor.


By: Luis Sabogal - @Baron____OS