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ExpOSe Mix 003


Hometown ······· Amsterdam, NL
Favourite Snack ········· Apple
Favourite Colour ········· Green
Instagram ······ @cinnaman

Longtime OS favourite and Amsterdam’s dance music playmaker Cinnaman needs little introduction.

With a record spanning residencies at 3 of Amsterdam’s most respected clubs and his work with the legendary Rush Hour records, it’s an honour to have Cinnaman along for this expOSe. Honours were had prior to having Cinnaman play for one of our Creature Comforts parties back in 2017, and it’s good to see their taste is as eclectic and bumpin’ as ever. Treating us to a cherishable 120 mins of woozy house jams, oddball electronica and 4x4 turbulence, best buckle in for the power hour(s) baby.


Hometown ······· Washington D.C., USA
Snack ·········
Favourite Colour ········· Green
Instagram ······ @dj_nativesun

The hyper-talented DJ Nativesun takes the reins for the first half of the latest expOSe.

With a sublime roster of tracks and mixes under his belt, their output has frequently taken up our airwaves and will continue to do so by the sounds of it. internationalJOE selected his track ‘Relax’ as one of his Black Bandcamp picks that led to us getting in touch and we’ve been excited ever since to hear what’s been cooking for this edition. The mix follows a natural evolution traversing through gritty house cuts, breaks, afrobeats, 2-step and some stomping techno - deftly curated for the dance floor. Bon appetit!